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RAILKO RG2 and RG12 are based on a woven fabric bonded with resin with the inclusion of a friction modifier. RAILKO RG2 and RG12 grades have the advantages of high temperature capability, high compressive strength, high pressure velocity, low friction, and low swell in fluids. The material is used as bushes, bearings, thrust washers, sliding pads.

RAILKO RG2S is the oil-impregnated version of RAILKO RG2 and used as guiding elements and pressure guides for any type of bandsaw and resaw in the forestry industry. The friction-reducing additives significantly decrease wear of blade and pads while being capable of running dry for longer periods, making it the preferred choice of material in sawmills worldwide.

Additional Info

  • High Temperature Resistance
  • High Compressive Strength
  • High Pressure Velocity
  • Controlled Friction
  • Low Swell in Fluids

RAILKO RG2/RG12 is available in sheets and tubes. RAILKO RG2 is for flat products and RAILKO RG12 for cylindrical products.

Tube: Length: 610 mm
Minimum Inside diameter: Ø19 mm
Maximum Outside diameter: On request

Sheet: Thickness: 2.4 – 75 mm
Sizes: 1220 x 1220mm

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