Feroform F44 has been specially developed as a solution for manufacturers of next generation oil-flooded vacuum pumps, who need tighter tolerances, longer-life, and better resistance vanes. The specialist formulation improves laminate bonding to yield ultra-durable vanes which withstand extreme operating conditions.

Feroform F44 is an ultra-strong material designed for highvacuum oil-sealed pumps. The specialist formulation uses an abrasion-resistant glass fibre to reinforce a temperatureresistant phenolic resin. The outcome is better vacuum generation from the pump, better pump efficiency, stable vacuum level, reduced oil consumption, and reduced noise.

F44 rotor vanes are suitable for use in high-speed oil-flooded vacuum pumps. They are also considered future-proofed for the next generation of heavy-duty pumps. Feroform F44 offers vast improvements in flatness, abrasion resistance, temperature resistance, chemical resistance, lamination strength, and flexural strength. One focus is long-term thermal stability. Laboratory tests prove that F44 is nearly 3 times more stable under extreme temperature versus the next-best alternative. F44 retains significantly more flexural strength, even when exposed to 200C for 100 hours.

In operation, Feroform F44 vanes maintain higher flexural strength for longer service periods at elevated temperatures. This greatly increases the useful operational lifetime of the vanes – enabling vacuum pumps to operate harder for longer. The performance of the vacuum pump depends directly on the capabilities of the vane. The harder a vane can work before degradation, the better the vacuum available from the pump. Improvement in vacuum generation is made possible thanks to tighter running clearances against the bowl, and smoother sliding within the rotor slot.

F44 vanes have set the bar for vane flatness. The specialist F44 formulation can be machined to tightest tolerances with extremely smooth flat surfaces, showing flatness tolerances as good as 0.04. The excellent dimensional stability of F44 protects these tight running clearances, further improving vacuum with minimal leakage. F44 solves the previous problem of delamination of rotor vanes.

Availability: Standard vanes are made to various bespoke dimensions. Standard material size ranges up to 25mm thickness, 1200 mm width, above 1500mm long. Larger vanes possible upon request

  • The Feroform F44 formulation gives a better vane lamination strength, increasing performance and lifetime
  • Vacuum pumps operate quieter since Feroform F44 vanes reduce vibration and friction
  • Operators can achieve max running speeds due to Feroform F44 vanes being stable under high vacuum
  • Feroform F44 enables no loss of vacuum efficiency due to excellent wear properties and stability
  • Minimum leakage when designing tighter running clearances of Feroform F44 vanes
  • Less oil needed to lubricate pump thanks to the lower friction level of Feroform F44 vanes
  • Feroform F44 offers improved vane strength, wear performance, and resistance to heat & chemicals


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