Tenmat’s firestopping products provide passive fire protection for peace of mind and safety.


What are Firestopping products?

An essential element of safe commercial construction, firestopping products enable fire compartmentation within a building by preventing fire and heat from spreading through multiple areas and rely on the integrity of its structures not being compromised. These products are made from intumescent materials and form seals around openings and in-between joints when exposed to heat or fire. 


Our firestopping products

Tenmat produces a wide range of firestopping products such as fire and acoustic downlight covers and ventilated fire barriers.


Fire and acoustic downlight covers:

Our fire and acoustic downlight covers are Fire Tested for up to 120 Minutes and are designed to reinstate the fire performance of ceilings when penetrated by recessed downlights. These acoustically tested downlight covers provide thermal and acoustic installation and can be retroactively fitted for convenience and easy installation.

Intumescent materials:

TENMAT manufacturers a range of intumescent materials that utilise intercalated graphite as the active ingredient as an alternative to intumescents using mono-ammonium phosphates or sodium silicate based intumescents. The materials are available in a range of sizes, thicknesses and shapes to suit a wide range of applications and expand upon exposure to heat or flames to seal off penetrations such as lights, pipes or electrical sockets.


Tenmat is also a leading manufacturer of ventilated fire barrier products which include:

Cavity Fire Barrier on a roll:

The TENMAT Firefly Cavity Barrier on a roll provides up to 2-hours of fire rating and is a cost effective alternative to Cavity Socks, Weep Holes and Trays. The barriers close air gaps up to 44mm in cavities up to 450mm and are fully tested for many construction types with a low profile intumescent design to ensure that the cavity remains open and allows brickwork to be laid unobstructed.

VFB Plus:

Our Ventilated Fire Barriers are tested for 2 hours and are formed from a high expansion intumescent seal fixed to TENMAT High Density Mineral Wool for highly effective and versatile passive fire protection that can be used within the majority of construction types. The fire barriers satisfy building regulations, are fire and Aged tested and can be fixed mechanically both vertically and horizontally to protection and peace of mind that is easy to install.

You can view our full range of firestopping products here or get in touch to with us at webenquiry@tenmat.com.

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