Tenmat FF109 Fire & Acoustic Downlight Covers are designed to limit the spread of fire and smoke through a fire resistant ceiling/floor system where recessed downlights, spotlights or luminaires are installed.

The FF109 Acoustic Downlight Covers are a product type that may alternatively be known as Downlight Fire Hoods or Intumescent Fire Hoods and are manufactured with ease of installation in mind an ability to be retrofitted into position providing effective performance even if the downlight is removed and replaced. The intumescent downlight covers are ventilated to allow heat to disperse from the light but in the event of a fire, the intumescent material expands to seal off the ceiling cut-out and vent holes, providing effective fire resistance, for integrity (E) and insulation (I) for 30, 60 or 120 (EI 30/60/120) depending upon the ceiling and floor joist construction, even if the downlight is removed and replaced.

Due to the fully intumescent nature of the product, they offer superior insulative protection in a fire situation than other types of fire hoods for downlights.

Tenmat’s Downlight Fire Hoods are manufactured from halogen free intumescent material and are designed to reinstate the fire and acoustic performance of ceilings and/or floor constructions when penetrated by downlighters or blank openings if lights are removed for maintenance. The fire hoods for downlights are made from an intumescent flexible mineral wool material allowing it to be installed through the hole cut into the ceiling membrane, before springing back into shape to cover the light fitting, whilst allowing enough space between the hood and the light fitting to allow for normal operation of the light fitting.


OD x H Downlighter Cut Out D Downlighter H
150 x 150 50-75
200 x 200 75-100
250 x 250 100-140
300 x 170 145-270 ≤ 170
350 x 230 145-270 ≤ 230

Product Details

  • A fire rated product, reinstating ceiling fire protection up to EI 120
  • Tested for minimal acoustic noise transfer, ideal for multi-home buildings
  • Ventilated design – developed to reduce heat build-up within the Firehood enclosure using a ventilated system
  • Suitable for halogen and LED’s – available in 3 sizes: 150 x 150 mm, 200 x 200 mm, 250 x 250 mm
  • Flexible and lightweight – designed to be easily and quickly installed from below ceilings with no special tools required
  • Compatible with new and retrofit solutions – does not need to be removed when changing light fittings
  • No maintenance required after installation


Test Approvals

Fire Test Approvals

Suspended Ceiling and Timber, Steel or Concrete Beam / Joist protected by plasterboard Assessment No.: CHILT / A02105 Rev B / Chiltern Int. Fire
Fire rated ceiling / floor systems protecting timber joists, steel joist systems and concrete floor: AS1530.4 Assessment No.: FAR 2032 / BRANZ Fire Rating: FRL 60 / 60 / 60

Luminaires, Luminaire Assemblies and Luminaire Enclosures Certified for Fire Resistance: UL R25019

Tested to ASTM E119, UBC 7 1, NFPA 251, ASI A2.1

Acoustic Testing Approvals

FF109 Covers have undergone acoustic testing in separating and internal ceiling / floor constructions and have been shown to reinstate acoustic insulation in line with Approved Document E, following the fitting of downlights.
Certificate No.: 213942 / BRE

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