Cavity Fire Barrier - TENMAT

The TENMAT Firefly Cavity Fire Barrier on a Roll provides overall cost savings compared with the traditional method of using Cavity Trays, Cavity Socks, and Weep Holes. TENMAT Cavity Fire Barrier on a Roll is a fire rated solution for timber frame and masonry cavities. It is designed to replace more traditional cavity barriers such as mineral wool cavity barriers or cavity socks or timber battens which are prone to poor installation which can render them ineffective in a fire situation.

The low profile intumescent design ensures that the cavity remains open allowing brickwork to be laid unobstructed. In addition, the TENMAT Cavity Fire Barrier on a Roll also limits damage caused by falling masonry and moisture bridging whilst aiding ventilation. Particularly suited for Timber Frame Construction the TENMAT Cavity Fire Barrier is supplied in 6.3 metre lengths improving installation time and reducing storage requirements.

Cavity Fire Barrier Roll
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  • Fire Tested 30 Minutes
  • Prevents pushing out of bricks
  • Simply stapled in position
  • Reduced risk of damage
  • No Weep Holes needed – clean wall finish and no wind driven water issues
  • No Cavity Trays needed
  • Material and labour cost savings
  • Product is 4mm thick and therefore maintains air gap
  • Expands to fill cavity in event of fire
  • Takes up imperfections and misalignments
  • Restricts fire and smoke spread

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Fire Testing Approvals

Fire Test: 30 Minute Fire Tested to BS476: Part 20: 1987
Tested in combustible cavity constructions
Test No.: Chilt / IF07077

6.3lm rolls (4.0 x 75 x 6300mm)

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