Tenmat’s RTF and RRF Roof Tile/Ridge are roof cavity firestop products and are manufactured from low smoke zero halogen intumescent material. They are designed to provide fire resistance performance between roof/ridge tiles and the party walls or spandrel panels below the roof covering, which separate different properties within roof spaces or provide lines of compartmentation.

The RTF and RRF are manufactured from a flexible highly intumescent material allowing it to be provided in a roll format, they are also covered with a protective layer of polythene for ease of handling and to protect from water. In the event of a fire the RTF and RRF intumescent material which makes these roof cavity fire stop products will expand to close the gap between the top of the wall/spandrel panel and the roof/ridge tiles, whilst also separating the roof batten and ridge tile timbers, providing effective fire resistance for 60 minutes, depending upon the non-combustibility of the roof covering (tiles) and the construction of the compartment/party wall.

TENMAT Roof Cavity Fire Stop Products

  • A fire rated Roof Cavity Fire Stop product, providing fire resistance performance up to 60 minutes
  • Ideal for multi-home compartments/shared roof space buildings
  • Fire resistance test utilising the general principles of BS EN 1363-1:2020 with additional guidelines from TDG 19: (Nov 2017)
  • Use category X, tested to ETAG 026-2, suitable for use in conditions of exposed weathering
  • Suitable for a maximum tested under-tile to head of wall gap of 96mm
  • Suitable for masonry walls and spandrel panels (stud wall construction), tested in conjunction with combustible breather
    membrane, timber battens and mechanical fixed ridge tiles (dry method no mortar)
  • Low profile design to ensure no interference with wide range of tile fit/profiles
  • Patent pending design


Test Approvals


Fire Test Approvals

BS EN 1366-3: 2009 / EN 13501-1
Constructions Covered = Plasterboard Partitions, Solid Walls and Floors
Fire Ratings: Typically EI120 up to EI240 minutes

BS476: Part 20: 1987
Constructions covered – Plasterboard Partition, Mineral Fibre Batts, Solid Walls and Floors
Fire Ratings: Up to 120 minutes – Integrity & Insulation

All reports available upon request
Assessment Reports:
ETA-12/0332 – BM Trada
A03187 Rev F – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada

Classification Reports:
CR12001A – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
CR12001B – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
CR12001C – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada


Test Reports:
IF02045 AR1 – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF02080 – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF02087B – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF03030 – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF04040a – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF09045 Rev A – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF11049 – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF11059A Rev B – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
RF11067 Rev A – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF11082 Rev A – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada

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