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The Firefly OverSleeve is a universal, one-product-fits-all solution for the firestopping of insulated metal pipes.

The thin and flexible intumescent is quickly and simply wrapped directly on top of pipe insulation without the need to cut back, ensuring that thermal and vapour seal performance in maintained.

The red branded foil can be easily checked and identified on site to confirm that firestopping is in place.

The unique Firefly intumescent material rapidly expands to crush and seal off the insulation to provide up to 120 minutes fire resistance to pipes ranging from 15mm up to 219mm diameter.

Additional Info

  • Full Scale BS EN1366-3 tested
  • Quick and easy to install – no special tools required, and can be retrofitted
  • Supplied in 1 metre lengths, to be cut to required quantity
  • Low thickness – allows installation in tight gaps
  • Highly flexible
  • Maintains vapour seal
  • Red in colour – can be easily identified and checked as a fire stop product

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Fire Testing Approvals

BS EN 1366-3: 2009
Constructions Covered = Plasterboard Partitions, Solid Walls, Ablative Coated Fire Batts
Insulated Pipes Covered = Steel 15mm up to 165mm, Copper 15mm up to 108mm with Rigid Phenolic Pipe Insulation and Glass Mineral Wool, various thickness, check with TENMAT for details
Fire Ratings: Up to EI120

All reports available upon request
Assessment Reports:
EN1366-3 Fire Test Report BMT/FEP/F15079 Revision A

3mm x 180mm x 1000mm – 5 metre lengths per pack
3mm x 280mm x 1000mm – 5 metre lengths per pack
Other sizes available upon request

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