The future of Brickwork Cavity Fire Protection that offers significant project cost savings – Tenmat’s 3rd party tested CavGuard MSC

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Cavity Fire Barrier Systems – The 3rd party tested Cavguard MSC (Masonry Support Cover)

Shown to offer over £500,000 cost saving potential on a 16 Storey, 200 unit, residential project versus traditional cavity fire protection measures.

Tenmat are proud to introduce their new CavGuard Masonry Support Cover Plate (MSC) for use in Medium to High Rise Brickwork Facades.

The CavGuard Masonry Support Cover Plate (MSC) is a fire rated intumescent solution designed to react in a fire situation to seal within and in front of masonry support brackets that penetrate or disrupt cavity fire barrier locations. It was specifically developed to work alongside, and in combination with Tenmat’s VFB Plus ‘open state’ cavity fire barriers, to provide an effective cavity fire barrier solution that ensures a continuous cavity barrier line, whilst also maintaining drainage in normal conditions.

The innovative and unique solution offered by the Tenmat CavGuard MSC has already seen it nominated for two industry awards.

1) Tall Buildings Awards – Technology Innovation Award.
2) Offsite Awards – Product Innovation Award.

The CavGuard MSC stands out from the crowd as other cavity fire barrier solutions are typically installed to fully fill the cavity, meaning that drainage is lost. Therefore, time and effort must be made to reinstate drainage in order to avoid damp and thermal bridging issues. For contractors, this means installing additional cavity trays and weep vents; something that adds additional costs, significant construction time and complexity.

With the CavGuard MSC, these extra headaches can be avoided, allowing brickwork contractors a ‘Fit and Forget’ solution for their fire protection. In addition to this, the CavGuard MSC system offers a whole host of other benefits:

1) Fire Testing exceeded 120 minutes to allow for compartmentation continuation.
2) Ready to Install Solution.
3) Leaves Continuous Free Air Space
4) Does not contribute to thermal bridging
5) Cost-Saving Effects.
6) Working Life of up to 60 Years.


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