Tenmat Launches a new high temperature engineering board, the H1000!


Tenmat is delighted to announce the newest addition to their high temperature boards, the Firefly H1000 is a high strength calcium silicate based material, which is designed to meet even higher temperatures that the other, world renowned, engineering boards available from Tenmat.

When compared to the other high density calcium silicate boards the H1000 offers superb machinability, reducing machining time and tool wear for more cost-efficient manufacturing. It also offers high strength across its temperature range and together with good thermal shock resistance, the material is suitable for a wide range of high temperatures.

Other advantages of the H1000 compared to the other Tenmat engineering boards include; longer life in application due to high strength, can be easily machined to tight tolerances and is capable of upto 1150oC operating temperatures. The standard sizes for the H1000 sheets are 465x615mm in thicknesses of 5,10,15 or 20mm, however they can be provided in other thicknesses on request.

For more information please visit the Tenmat website, or contact a member of the team.

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