Tenmat cavity barriers are CCPI verified.


Tenmat Cavity Barriers become CCPI Verified

We’re delighted that the Tenmat Cavity Barriers became the first product set of its kind on the UK market to carry the CCPI mark, helping to provide assurance to product users that the product information for these products is clear, accurate, accessible, up-to-date and unambiguous.

CCPI gathering


Tenmat attended the recent CCPI event in London, where we joined like-minded product manufacturers committed to higher standards in building safety that is driven by best practice in the provision of construction product information and product claims.

Tenmat Cavity Barriers are amongst the first construction products in the UK to be verified as conforming with the CCPI. The CCPI is playing a pivotal role in driving up standards in product information as the construction industry adapts to a new and improved building safety regime. We’re proud to be working proactively with the CCPI to raise standards in our product information management.

What is the CCPI?

The Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) was established as a way to help provide assurance on product information, whether written in a brochure, a presentation, or on a website or social media, for specifiers and users of product information.

Why do we need the CCPI?

The CCPI was created as a proactive response to Dame Judith Hackett’s ‘Building a Safer Future Review’ in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire. The CCPI aims to promote confidence, credibility and integrity regarding the verified information provided about the performance of the products manufactured by the construction products industry and used in construction.

CCPI Verification

What was the verification process?

In order for Tenmat’s cavity barrier range to become verified by the CCPI, there was a rigorous five stage verification process, that included:


Leadership & Culture survey


Management Systems Questionnaire


Organisation Assessment


Product Set Submission


Product Set Verification

Tenmat Fire Protection

We are so proud to have been one of the first eight companies to have a Product Set verified by CCPI and allocated the CCPI Mark. Our range of Cavity Barriers was also the first fire protection related Product Set and given the well-known background to why CCPI was created, it is a great testimony to the whole team at Tenmat that we are at the forefront of driving up standards on product information.

It was also so positive to see many other manufacturers working towards verification and we strongly believe this is an important and positive step for the whole construction industry

Chris Thompson

Global Product Manager

CCPI Verification

Tenmat's CCPI verified products

Tenmat’s CCPI Verified Cavity Barrier range include the following:

CCPI Verified

CavGuard MSC

CCPI Verified


CCPI Verified


CCPI Verified


VFB 60/60

VFB 120/120

VFB Plus

CavGuard Roll 65

You can see Tenmat’s full range of Cavity Barriers here.

(Please Note: Not all products on this page are CCPI Verified, only those listed above.)