Government commits to safe cladding systems for residential buildings

In the last weeks, the UK Government has confirmed that the remediation of unsafe cladding systems on residential buildings is a priority. The reason: this is critical to public safety, and thus essential work.

  • See the statement for cladding remediation here
  • See guidance for the construction sector during COVID here
  • This is on the provision that 2m distancing and all safe work procedures are followed

The scope
Unsafe cladding systems (ACM and non-ACM) must be removed, and safe cladding must be installed.
Part B of Schedule 1 in Building Regulations dictates that “…external walls of the building shall adequately resist the spread of fire over the walls…”. All buildings over 18m in height are subject to this.

Tenmat fire barriers: key part of a safe cladding system
Equally as important as the external spread of fire, the spread of fire in the cavity behind cladding systems must be solved. Safe cladding systems need fire barriers in order to resist the spread. Fire barriers must be fully tested for the specific construction type before installation.

Tenmat is the leading manufacturer of fire barriers for open state cavities. Tenmat supplies intumescent fire barriers for ventilated open-state cavities which:

  • provide up to 2-hour fire rating,
  • close air gaps up to 44mm in cavities up to 450mm,
  • are fully tested for many construction types.

If you have any active projects and need to provide resistance to fire in cavities behind external cladding, please contact Tenmat Technical Support.