Acquisition Newsflash

TENMAT is excited to officially announce its acquisition of California based Brandguard Vents, a leading supplier of wildfire rated vents, which protect against direct ingress of wildfire embers and flames into buildings.

Brandguard Vents were invented in 2003 by Brent Berkompas while working as a firefighter for the City of San Bernardino, California. Since then Brandguard Vents had grown its portfolio of fire rated vents and expanded into becoming a full service provider, from product selection to delivery and installation to help keep homes safer in wildfire and bushfire threatened areas.

The acquisition further strengthens TENMAT’s role as a leading manufacturer of innovative fire protection products and materials, adding a variety of synergetic products to TENMAT’s range of advanced fire protection solutions.

By welcoming the Brandguard Vents team and its expertise and know-how, TENMAT is poised to more efficiently serve the global fire protection market, and specifically the growing market for fire tested and approved building solutions for the construction industry.

Together, TENMAT and Brandguard Vents, possess unrivalled innovation and technical expertise to meet the increasing demand for advanced fire protection solutions and stringent fire protection legislation worldwide, including the tighter guidelines concerning protection of residential and commercial building vents in areas at risk of wildfires and bushfires.

TENMAT is a multinational corporation with presence in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France, Germany, the Czech Republic and Italy as well as a global network of vendors and distributors. TENMAT is fully committed to technical excellence through heavy investment in ongoing research and development. TENMAT has extensive in-house technical resources to develop innovative and high-quality products.

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