TENMAT Product Range full scale fire tested to BS EN 1365-2 for Metal Web Joist Floor/Ceiling.


TENMAT is proud to announce the successful completion of a full scale loaded fire test for a wide range of fire protection products, this is seen as an “industry first” due to the onerous nature of this fire testing.

Metal web joist floor / ceiling constructions react in a completely different manner to traditional solid timber or even I-beam joist constructions, due to their open nature and lack of sacrificial material. They need very careful selection when it comes to the fire protection and fire stopping of any service penetrations installed into such ceilings, as the fire resistance rating of the structure must be maintained.

Following the full scale and loaded fire testing at Exova Warringtonfire test facility, TENMAT can now offer the following range of fire protection products for use in 30 minute metal web joist floor/ceiling constructions:

  • Fire Rated Downlight Covers (immediate availability)
  • Fire Rated Air Valves – Extract and Supply versions (immediate availability)
  • Ceiling Fan Fire Stop (available soon)

The ceiling design tested, reflected current building practice and did not include noggins at the plasterboard joints.

Contact us for more details on the full construction, components used and supply options.

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