fire protection of ceiling penetrations when used with engineered I-beams and Metal web joists.


Tenmat to undertake fire protection of ceiling penetrations when used with engineered I-beams and Metal web joists.  Metal web joists and Engineered I-beam joists are growing in popularity and replacing solid timber joists as the preferred option across the globe.

Both metal web joists and I-beam joists have much less sacrificial material in a fire situation than solid timber joists and so need a higher specification of fire stopping for any penetrations which either fully or partially penetrate the ceiling construction to avoid premature failure, these penetrations include ventilation fans and recessed light fittings or downlights.

In the past, the same products have been used for fire protection of ceiling penetrations, where engineered joists of all types as well as solid timber joists have been used, however with tightening building regulations this is due to change as a solid timber joist will provide up to 20 minutes of structural strength once a fire has entered the ceiling cavity compared with as little as 5 minutes for certain engineered joist solutions.

Many of Tenmat products are already tested in various engineered joist systems, however to assist the continued expansion of the latest joist designs, Tenmat will be undertaking a range of fire tests with new products to show that even when a ceiling is penetrated with multiple and large penetrations the integrity in a fire situation can be maintained.

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