Tenmat’s VFB 60/60 Ventilated Fire Barriers are ’open state’ cavity fire barriers for ventilated cavities of up to 450mm. Each VFB 60/60 consists of a specially formulated fire rated stone mineral wool section with an integral high expansion intumescent seal fixed to the leading edge.
The VFB 60/60 then leaves a maximum 25mm air gap to allow for
drainage and maintain ventilation in normal use. In a fire situation the intumescent seal rapidly expands to seal off the air gap and
prevent vertical fire spread within the external wall.
The products have undergone extensive fire testing following the
principles of BS EN1363-1 and in accordance with ASFP TGD19
(Fire Resistance Test for ‘Open-State’ Cavity Barriers).
The VFB 60/60s are mechanically fixed horizontally within ventilated
cavities behind the external wall substrate following the fire compartment line. The VFB 60/60s are used horizontally and can be installed in conjunction with Tenmat NVFB Non-Ventilated Fire Barriers which provide vertical fire separation along fire compartment party wall lines.

•Typical Fire Ratings of minimum 60 Minutes Integrity and Insulation
•Higher Fire Ratings available dependent on application
•Maintains a 25mm air gap
•Up to 450mm cavities tested
•Standard thickness of 75mm
•Durability and Age Tested
•Fixing brackets included as standard

Availability: Thickness (Total Cavity less 25mm Air Gap) x 75mm x 1000mm

  • 60 Mins Integrity Fire Rating
  • 60 Mins Insulation Fire Rating
  • Maintains 25mm air gap
  • Up to 300mm cavities
  • Weather Proof/Age Tested

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