TENMAT’s VFB 60/60 Ventilated Fire Barrier is an ’Open State’ cavity fire barrier system for ventilated cavities of up to 300mm which employs a high expansion intumescent seal fixed to TENMAT High

Density Mineral Wool. The product has undergone extensive fire testing to BS EN1363-1, EOTA TR31, and to the principles of ASFP TGD19 (Fire Resistance Test for ‘Open-State’ Cavity Barriers). It is suitable for use within the majority of construction types, enabling the versatile system to be specified with confidence and provide the installer with a simple, time saving and site friendly solution.

The VFB 60/60 can be mechanically fixed horizontally within ventilated cavities behind rainscreen or cladding systems to act as a cavity fire barrier, and can be complemented by the NVFB for vertical applications.

Availability: Thickness (Total Cavity less 25mm Air Gap) x 75mm x 1000mm

  • 60 Mins Integrity Fire Rating
  • 60 Mins Insulation Fire Rating
  • Maintains 25mm air gap
  • Up to 300mm cavities
  • Weather Proof/Age Tested

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