Using Ferobide within the Mining and Construction industry can increase the life of wear parts and reduce maintenance


Tenmat are leading the way by developing a more long lasting and easy to use wear part, Ferobide. Ferobide is a weldable tungsten carbide composite, which is one of the most wear resistant materials in the world, it is already trusted globally as a reliable solution for minimising equipment downtime, reducing costs by preventing wearpart damage and extending service life to deliver long-lasting results. By being weldable with standard equipment it is also very cost effective and easy to fit. You can find out more about Ferobide and the numerous applications it has been used in on our website.

Recently, Ferobide has been making a name for itself within the mining and construction industry, as it is the ideal protection for high wear applications which depend on wear-resistant linings that are commonly used in chutes, buckets, conveyors, augers, dumpers and more.

A major copper smelter in Europe experienced short life of Chromium Carbide plates in chutes with just 4 weeks between replacing the panels and turned to Ferobide to improve on this. 6 months later, the Ferobide panels are still performing which has saved numerous hours of standstill and direct savings alike.

Markon, in the UK, who are a leading contractor specialising in the provision of road planing services, added Ferobide to their Wirtgen Cold Milling Planer machine skids and went from 6 weeks of life to 50 weeks!

Ferobide has also been used successfully on a taphole clay mixer in Finland, which increased the life of a hardfaced manganese steel screw by more than 5 times!

No matter what environment you work in, Ferobide stays strong and is resilient against the effects of rock, coal, sand, scrap metal and other abrasive materials and conditions. It is proven in the field as being an abrasion-resistant composite of choice that can help to improve the service life of parts and equipment that face these challenges daily.

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