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SOLAS RegulationsIMO SOLAS REGULATIONS (JULY 2019): Is your lifeboat propulsion system capable of running without water for 3 minutes a week?

Many lifeboats are currently fitted with rubber bushes on propulsion systems. In the light of new regulations these are not compliant, because weekly testing requires running the motor in pre-launch position, not submerged in water. Rubber is not suitable for running without water. As a result the bearing will simply burn and fail during the test, imposing a risk of damaging the propulsion system and rendering the life-saving equipment unusable. In this case special measures need to be taken.

SOLAS Regulations

Tenmat-Railko are now working with lifeboat/propulsion system OEMs to allow true dry running of a propulsion system to protect it during the weekly tests.

TENMAT-RAILKO bearings are designed to work under the most extreme conditions: abrasive, corrosive, high impact load, high humidity and especially in areas in which bushes must be ‘fit-and-forget’. TENMAT composite bearings have been providing solutions to the commercial and military marine industry for lifeboat hooks, davits, sheaves, winches, hatch cover pads, stern rollers and stinger rollers, bow door bushes, and many other demanding offshore applications.

For advice and help on how to make your life-saving appliances compliant with SOLAS regulation and minimize possible fines and class notations contact us.

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