TENMAT FEROGLIDE: Metal Backed Self-Lubricating High Performance Bearings for Hydro, Valves and Lifting Equipment.


TENMAT FEROGLIDE is a proprietary self-lubricating bearing material of woven polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fibers applied to a rigid backing. Also available is our innovative fabric-free lining with special low friction coating.

FEROGLIDE bearings are completely self-lubricating, maintenance free and normally run dry.

However, they can also be used where lubricating or other fluids are present. Operating dry, FEROGLIDE bearings are recommended where low surface speeds are combined with high loads.

FEROGLIDE bearings and glide strips offer high compressive strength, high temperature resistance, and have excellent chemical resistance.

FEROGLIDE bearings are available with different metal backings in a wide variety of standard configurations, as well as an almost unlimited range of special sizes.

FEROGLIDE bearings are typically used in high load applications, including valves, hydro power equipment, lifting equipment, hydraulic pumps and have a long proven history of providing outstanding performance in extreme applications from Ariane rockets to deep sea valves.

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