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Tenmat FF109 pipe fire sleeves solve both the issues of pipe insulation and fire protection with one simply to use product.


With ever increasing energy conservation and environmental concerns driving building legislation, there is now a general requirement for hot, cold and cooling pipe work to be fully insulated “though out its whole length” and particularly where it passes through compartment walls.

Details of the insulation requirement are covered within Approved Documents L of the Building Regulations and further details are included in the second tier Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide or the Non-Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide.

Fire protection of pipe penetrations

With the increased requirement for pipe insulation along the full length of any pipework, this raises increased issues regarding the fire protection where the insulated pipes pass through a fire rated compartment wall or partition.

If an uninsulated small bore pipe is passed through a fire rated compartment wall / partition then the resulting penetration is relatively small and as such may not require to be fire protected, under current Approved Document B requirements. When insulation is added to even a small pipe then its diameter is significantly increased and this then requires a much larger penetration to be made in the compartment wall which will inevitably require to be fully fire protected to the same level as the compartment wall / partition.

The Solution

TENMAT has developed the FF109 pipe fire sleeve for solution of both the requirements for continuous pipe insulation combined with the highest level of fire protection in one simple to fit product.

The FF109 pipe fire sleeve offers the same level of pipe insulation as most popular types of pipe lagging and is also fully acoustically tested on a wide range of pipe types and sizes through all popular wall / partition types.

With up to 120 minutes fire protection on both metallic and plastic pipe types up to 160mm diameter and full CE compliance, the FF109 pipe fire sleeve offers a simple and cost effective solution to an otherwise complex problem.

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