How Tenmat brake bushes contribute to reducing the noise of European Freight Rail.


The noise generated by freight rail is becoming increasingly important environmental issue in Europe. European Commission has launched public consultation aimed at gathering information needed to effectively deal with the matter. Companies like Deutsche Bahn started their own research and programs in order to raise awareness and address the problem.

Freight rail noise impacts the lives of people living in close proximity to the rail tracks causing distress and long term health implications like an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and overall annoyance.

At the moment the main focus is on introducing composite wear parts as a “quiet” alternative to steel or cast iron parts – the best results are observed in case of brake blocks, where composite blocks halve the noise comparing to cast iron blocks.

Tenmat also takes its part in the process of making European freight rail quieter and more environmentally friendly. Tenmat composite brake bushes are a “quiet” alternative to traditional steel bushes.

Tenmat bushes reduce noise by up to 13dB compared to steel bushes. To the human ear loudness halves when noise is reduced by 10dB. Thus Tenmat composite bushes help to halve the noise of European freight rail and improve the lives of people exposed to it.

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