Ferobide ASTM G65 Test Results

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Ferobide exhibits its superior wear resistance in recent independent ASTM G65 testing

During October 2016 Ferobide plates were independently tested by the National Physical Laboratory according to the ASTM G65 testing regime. Ferobide was tested against a high grade K40 tungsten carbide and Ferobide passed with flying colours. When compared directly, the actual difference in loss of volume under high abrasion was negligible between Ferobide and a leading commercial K40 tungsten carbide grade. When combined with Ferobide’s resistance to impact many times superior to that of traditional tungsten carbide, these highly positive ASTM G65 test results prove that Ferobide is a valuable, versatile wear protection material.

Independent ASTM G65 test results prove Ferobide’s superior performance

For decades, Tenmat has proven itself to consistently produce industry-leading, advanced composite wear protection. Since Tenmat manufactures leading wear protection materials, we choose the most challenging tests to prove their superiority. These are often independently undertaken, complementing the constant and in-depth material science research we undertake in-house. The independent ASTM G65 test results from the National Physical Laboratory back up further test results which show that:

  • Ferobide exhibits a resistance to dry abrasion 8 times better than 500HB hardened steels
  • Ferobide exhibits a resistance to dry abrasion 4-5 times better than chromium-rich hardface overlay plates
  • Ferobide exhibits a resistance to dry abrasion 3 times better than white cast iron (chromium carbide)
  • Ferobide exhibits a resistance to dry abrasion 2 times better than 97{b31dfa9a7c8099c314e960b46e483f159faba86f4e59565e93b438ccc25543d8} alumina ceramic
  • Ferobide exhibits a resistance to wet abrasion 1.5 times better than pure tungsten carbide

Extensive in-house research backs up Ferobide’s successful ASTM G65 test results

Tenmat employs a rigorous QC programme which ensures that every product we manufacture meets the high standards our customers have become used to expect from Tenmat. To guarantee that every Ferobide wear protection product offers the market-leading combination of abrasion and impact resistance, every batch is QC tested in ISO-approved quality assurance laboratories.

The highly positive ASTM G65 test results for Ferobide are another proof that it is indeed one of the leading wear protection materials available on the market.

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