Renovated Improved Innovation Centre

Tenmat Officially Unveils Its Renovated, Improved Innovation Centre

This week Tenmat had the great honour of unveiling its new and improved Innovation Centre. This continued investment in people and Materials Development Capabilities proves Tenmat’s strong commitment to the future.

Tenmat Innovation Centre Becomes the Home for the Development of Materials of the Future

Tenmat began this extensive renovation project as solid proof to our dedication to world-class materials research, as well as to further build upon our enviable market reputation. As a leading global materials developer and manufacturer, Tenmat’s additional research resource means that we have further strengthened our ability to develop superior solution to the engineering challenges of the future.
The Innovation Centre is the place where Tenmat’s specially trained researchers – the majority of which hold first rate degrees and doctoral degrees from leading universities – develop the new wave of composite engineering materials including Intumescent Fire Protection, the weld-on Tungsten carbide composite “Ferobide”,

Enhancing Our Fully Equipped Technical Laboratories Strengthens Our Position as Trusted Supplier to Blue Chip OEMs

Renovation of the Tenmat Innovation Centre mirrors the efforts in our leading Quality Assurance Facilities, which are well employed to ensure that every batch and every single Tenmat product meets the high standards we set and the high performance our customers require of Tenmat products.
To enable this market leading development, Tenmat Research Facilities boast highly specified including machines such as:

  • Reciprocating friction rig
  • Instron Universal Testing Machine
  • Water swell tank
  • Dynamic friction wear rig
  • Charpy, Izod impact testing rig
  • Melt flow test rig
  • Bond strength tester