Fire-Stopping, Ember Resistant Foundation and Under Floor Vents.

Bushfire Protect ember resistant under floor and foundation vents protect your home from embers during a bushfire and provide critical cooling and ventilation to the crawl space, or basement

Ember storms caused by bushfires can spread well ahead of the front of the fire. With fire-rated under floor vents from Bushfire Protect, your home has a first line of defence against ember and flame intrusion.

Product Features and Benefits:

+ Proudly manufactured in Australia

+ Can be painted to match the colour of the house.

Available in Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel.

Standard Size available:

230x160mm internal size, with 255x185mm outer flange


Bushfire Protect Vents Installation Instructions

Bushfire Protect Vents, fire and ember resistant vents are installed the same way as traditional vents with the same footprint. While we gladly offer installation services, you can also buy our products and install them yourself.

If you’d like our team at Bushfire Protect Vents to install the vents for you, contact us to discuss options.

How to Install Bushfire Protect Under Floor Vents

It’s easy to install Bushfire Protect Vents. You simply insert one of our retrofit fire and ember-resistant vents into the opening where the old vent used to be. The vents are held in place with product-appropriate screw fasteners and exterior-approved clear fire-resistant caulking.

Before cutting the existing vent, measure the “opening” dimensions (W x H). WARNING: Be sure to look and make sure you have 40mm of depth available inside the opening. Sometimes there are studs in the way.

  • Wipe the vents with a cloth and vinegar rub
  • Spray with a metal primer
  • Spray with an exterior paint of your choice and set aside to completely dry in the sun

If you have an existing vent, you should only need to cut out the inside of the existing vent. If it’s screwed on, then use a drill gun to remove the old vent.

You will need concrete screws if installed into concrete. Use in all four corners and at nominal 100mm centres from there.

This must be done to complete proper installation.

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