How to Install Bushfire Protect Vents

It’s easy to install Bushfire Protect Vents. Just insert a Bushfire protect retrofit fire and ember resistant vents into the same opening where the old vent was. Bushfire protect vents are held in place with screw fasteners appropriate for the product, and approved clear fire-resistant caulking.

Gable Vents: You can install just like you would any other similar product.

Before cutting the existing vent, measure the “opening” dimensions (W x H).

+ Wipe the vents with a cloth and vinegar rub.

+ Spray with a metal primer.

+ Spray with an exterior paint of your choice and set aside to completely dry in the sun.

If you have an existing vent, you should only need to cut out the existing horizontal slats using tin snips and pliers.

Bushfire Protect Vents can be installed horizontally or vertically. Use a level to ensure a level installation. 

+ Use in all four corners and at nominal 100mm centres from there.

+ This must be done to complete proper installation.