Fire-Stopping Eave Vents.

Bushfire Protect

Fire-Stopping Eave Vents

All embers will try to penetrate your home, so our eave vents keep wind-blown embers outdoors, where they belong. Attic ventilation is key from an energy efficiency point of view, so you need a product, which allows air to move freely while keeping embers and fire from entering your home.

Our patented technology does just that.

Bushfire Protect Vents use a patented technology (overlapping baffles) which efficiently stops hot embers from entering the attic space. 

Flying hot embers pose a threat to any structure within 10 kilometres radius of a bushfire. 

Therefore, it is extremely important that ALL the openings in the building are properly equipped with Bushfire Protect Vents.

Eaves can be exposed, boxed-in, abbreviated, or soffited. Providing a decorative and practical function, they are the edges of the roof, which is why you sometimes hear them referred to as “roof eaves.”

Bushfire Protect

Ember Resistant Eave Vents

Bushfire Protect offers eave vents which are designed to provide critical cool air intake into your home’s attic/roof space and are tested for use in very high risk fire hazard zones up to BAL-40. Product features and benefits include:

+ Proudly manufactured in Australia

+ Anti-clogging overlapping baffles to trap embers and stop the spread of fire

+ Can be painted to match or complement the colour of your home

+ Available in galvanised steel as standard and stainless steel non-standard options

+ Standard and custom sizes

+ Easy to install

Bushfire Protect

Why choose Bushfire Protect?

Invented by an experienced firefighter, Bushfire Protect fire-resistant, vents meet all BAL requirements for use in bushfire risk areas, and are AS1530.8.1 and AS1530.8.2 tested.

Are easy to install into, retrofit, new build, and can paint, or powder coat all of our eave vents and they come with best-in-industry warranties.

Standard Sizes Available:




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