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The new FIREFLY 109+ Vent Duct Fire Sleeve LPs (Low Profile) provide up to 120 minutes’ fire resistance to all common PVC/plastic ventilation ducts. The Low Profile Vent Duct Fire Sleeves offer industry leading fire performance with low material thickness through the use of TENMAT’s expertise in high expansion intumescent technology.

The low profile design allows tight fitting against the ceiling soffit without the need to remove the top edge, aided by the compressible nature of the FIREFLY 109 intumescent material. The product can be slit to allow retro fitting over duct work and the unique vacuum formed shape ensures that the product expands and seals the ducting in the event of a fire without the need for any additional metal cage or sleeving.

TENMAT were a Designated Supplier of Vent Duct Fire Sleeves (Olympic Village) to the London 2012 Games. The TENMAT Vent Duct Fire Sleeves continue to receive widespread acceptance by Approved Building Inspectors, Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and the NHBC. The FIREFLY 109+ Vent Duct Fire Sleeves LP are suited for a variety of Residential, Social Housing and Student Accommodation projects.

Low Profile Vent Duct Fire Sleeve LP
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  • CE Marked
  • Full Scale EN1366-3, Uncapped/Uncapped (U/U) tested, 30, 60 & up to 120 Minute Fire Rated
  • Simple & quick to install, no screws or support needed
  • No Metal Sleeving required

Assessed for installation in:

  • Plasterboard Clad Steel Stud Partitions
  • Single layer and Double layer partitions
  • 30, 60 and 120 minute walls
  • Masonry Walls
  • Ablative Coated Fire Batts
  • Up to 3No. ducts side by side
  • Up to 2No. stacked ducts
  • Available to fit most common duct sizes
  • Can be fitted tightly against ceiling soffit due to low profile design
  • Assessed for use in series around multiple duct penetrations


Fire Testing Approvals

CE Marked
Certificate of Constancy of Performance – 1224-CPR-0341
European Technical Approval – ETA-12/0332
Declaration of Performance – Document No. QA027

Classifications Reports:
Classification Report to BSEN 13501-2: 2007 +A1: 2009 – BMT-CR13219 Rev A

Assessment Reports:
Assessment for 30-60-120 Minute Partitions and Multiple Duct Penetrations – PAR_14600_01
Assessment for use in Ablative Coated Fire Batts PAR_15162_01

Fire Test Reports:
Full Scale 120 Minutes Fire Test in accordance with BS EN 1366-3: 2009 – BMT/FER/F13219
120 Minute Fire Test on Stacked Vent Ducts – BMT-FE-IF15040

The product is available to suit 110×54, 204×60, 220×90, 100, 125 and 150mm ventilation ducts and can be used on multiple, side by side rectangular duct penetration including in solid walls and plasterboard partitions.
See downloadable data sheet for more info on product dimensions and availability

FF109 Vent Duct Sleeve LP - Rectangle

FF109 Vent Duct Sleeve LP - Circular


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