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The TENMAT FIREFLY Fire Rated Ceiling Air Valves are a unique and cost effective fire rated solution where recessed ceiling air valves are to be installed in fire rated ceilings. In a fire situation, the integral intumescent material rapidly expands to seal off the air valve and reinstate the fire resistance rating of the ceiling. This limits the risk of fire and heat spread throughout the building. The TENMAT Ceiling Air Valves are available in all sizes for both Extract and Supply.

The Fire Rated Ceiling Air Valve is installed as normal with air flow through the air valve unaffected. The product requires no maintenance after installation. The Fire Rated Ceiling Air Valves is suitable for domestic homes, as well as apartments, hotels and other multiple occupancy buildings where fire ratings exist.

Fire Rated Ceiling Air Valves
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  • Fire Tested for 60 Minutes
  • Simple to install
  • Fully Integrated One Part Solution
  • Meets the requirements of Building Regulations Document B
  • Both Extract and Supply versions available
  • Fits in the same way as a normal air valve
  • Air flow is unaffected
  • Easy to retro fit in place of existing valves
  • Fit and forget – no maintenance required

Fire Testing Approvals

Successfully Fire Tested to BS EN1365-2:1999 & BS5476: Part 20: 1987.
Tested in a plasterboard ceiling / timber floor construction for 60 minutes.
Test Report No.: BTC 18074F & CHILT/IF10090

For extract or supply: 80, 100, 125, 150, and 200mm

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