Tenmat Loft Covers or Loft Caps are downlight protection covers designed to reduce the risk of fire caused when downlights are buried in loft insulation. These loft downlight covers may also be known as loft lid downlight covers, or loft caps for downlights, and should not be confused with intumescent downlight covers. The Tenmat Loft Covers are a fire safety product rather than a product intended to maintain the fire resistance compartment line in a building. As such they are designed to provide a fire safe physical barrier between the recessed downlight and the loft insulation.

The fully enclosed design, which is heat build up tested (formally referred to as F-capped rated) to EN 60598 and IP6X Dust/Particle tight ensure that even the hottest 50W halogen lamps as well as LED lamps can function at safe working temperatures and will not overheat when the buried under insulation.

With energy saving being more important than ever, increasing the thickness of loft/attic insulation is one of the most simple and cost effective measures to improve the energy efficiency of homes.

Insulation thicknesses are recommended to be at least 300mm and this can result in recessed downlights becoming completely buried. It is no longer acceptable to install insulation without ensuring downlights are protected due to a significant risk of reduced lamp life, malfunction or in the worst case a roof fire.

Similarly it is clear that the old practice of leaving a gap around an unprotected downlight is an open path for heated or conditioned air to be lost into the roof space and energy saving and air tightness to be compromised. Therefore, the addition of loft lid downlight covers are essential.

The Tenmat Loft Covers are specifically designed to ensure a fire safe installation for a wide range of recessed downlights and enable loose or rolled insulation to be installed safely over the position of downlights.

Tenmat Loft Downlight Covers solve all of the above issues with a simple to install product.

Note: Tenmat FF120-RF Loft Covers are specifically designed for the requirements of the French market to meet CSTB CPT 3693 and the NF DTU 45.11 P1-2:2020 requirements.

Product Details:

  • ECO Loft Insulation Compliant
  • Tested to meet the CITB “General requirements and guidance for the installation of cold roof loft insulation”
  • Meets Electrical Safety First recommendations
  • IP6X Dust Tight
  • Tested to BS EN 60598-1 / BS EN 60598-2
  • Needle Flame tested to BS EN 60695-11
  • Glow Wire Tested to BS EN 60695-2-10
  • Suitable for both Halogen or LED light fittings
  • Proven to improve light output and lamp life of LED lamps
  • Angled profile of the Loft Cover allows the cover to be positioned close to angled roof timbers
  • Can be fully covered with loose/blown or rolled insulation


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