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TENMAT Firefly 109 Fire and Acoustic Socket / Switch Box Covers are a cost effective and simple solution for protecting electrical switch and socket boxes when fitted in fire and acoustic rated walls. The intumescent material fully encases the socket to provide an acoustic seal but in a fire situation it expands and seals the hole made for the sockets to limit fire spread for up to 120 minutes.

The Socket Box Covers are pre-formed and can be installed in seconds without assembly or adhesives. The simple mechanical fix ensures the cover will not be damaged or removed if the socket is replaced or adjusted providing peace of mind for the installer. Offering significant labour and cost savings over plasterboard lining or putty pad solutions, the Socket Box Covers are available to suit both single and double sockets.

Availability: Single or Double

  • 2 Hour Fire Rated
  • BS and EN Fire Tested
  • its in seconds
  • No adhesives, no mess
  • No additional screws, drilling or support required.
  • Acoustic Rating
  • Simple mechanical fix
  • Retrofit or New Installation
  • Pre-formed to fit boxes
  • Can be fitted in dusty conditions


Test Approvals


Fire Test Approvals

2 Hour Fire Tested to BS476: Part 20: 1987 for both integrity and insulation
Suitable for insulated and uninsulated Plasterboard Partitions

Test No.: Chilt / IF07055

Accoustic Testing Apporvals

Tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-3:1995 and BS EN ISO 717-1:1997 under UKAS conditions in a plasterboard partition construction.

Test No.: 237429 / Building Research Establishment (BRE)

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The Firefly 109 CE Marked Pipe Fire Sleeves provide up to 4 Hours Fire Resistance to various plastic & metal pipe and PVC vent duct penetrations. The Fire Sleeves have been fire tested to EN 1366-3:2009 & BS 476. The European Technical Approval (ETA-12/0332) and EC Certificate 2812-CPR-0341 enables the range to be CE Marked and used throughout the EU. The EN fire testing included pipes and ducts tested with Uncapped/Uncapped (U/U) pipe/duct end configuration as required for ventilated systems.

The Firefly 109 Pipe Fire Sleeves are particularly suitable for use in plasterboard partitions, but can be used in blockwork walls and floors. One length of Fire Sleeve can replace two collars in wall constructions. The Sleeves do not require any additional metal sleeving. The unique intumescent material is vacuum formed to shape which ensures controlled sealing of the plastic pipe or duct.

Assessed for installation on

  • Plasterboardclad steel or timber stud partitions
  • Masonry Walls & Floors
  • Mineral Fibre Batts (BS Only)

Availability: To suit pipe sizes 15-169mm (PVC, HDPE, Copper, Steel)

  • CE Mark Approved
  • Up to EI120 Minute Fire Rated in Partitions
  • Up to EI240 Minutes Fire Rated in Blockwork
  • Specifically tested on PVC Ducting with wall thicknesses of 1.5mm – 2.0mm
  • Acoustic, Thermal & Vapour Seal
  • Simple & quick to install, no screws or support needed
  • No Metal Sleeving required
  • Cost effective alternative to Fire Collars




Fire Test Approvals

BS EN 1366-3: 2009 / EN 13501-1
Constructions Covered = Plasterboard Partitions, Solid Walls and Floors
Fire Ratings: Typically EI120 up to EI240 minutes

BS476: Part 20: 1987
Constructions covered – Plasterboard Partition, Mineral Fibre Batts, Solid Walls and Floors
Fire Ratings: Up to 120 minutes – Integrity & Insulation

All reports available upon request
Assessment Reports:
ETA-12/0332 – BM Trada
A03187 Rev F – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada

Classification Reports:
CR12001A – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
CR12001B – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
CR12001C – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada


Test Reports:
IF02045 AR1 – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF02080 – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF02087B – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF03030 – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF04040a – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF09045 Rev A – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF11049 – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF11059A Rev B – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
RF11067 Rev A – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada
IF11082 Rev A – Chiltern International Fire/BM Trada


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