Tenmat’s Ferosafe is being used to deter thieves around the globe


Tenmat manufacture Ferosafe, a physical security material that offers the ultimate resistance to modern cutting and drilling tools.

With the advancement of battery powered tools such as portable angle grinders, theft of bikes and motorcycles is becoming more and more commonplace. The same attack methods are now frequently seen on storage containers, safes and ATMs.

Ferosafe is a weldable composite material that can effectively resist high power angle grinders and drills at lower thicknesses and weights than what is possible with conventional materials. This means that unlike other materials anything created with Ferosafe is still stronger than most, but also lightweight and compact, making it perfect for locks and other products that need to be carried or transported easily.

Ferosafe was developed in Manchester UK two years ago and customers have found its use in high physical security applications where angle grinder and drill attacks are commonplace. One customer, Hiplok, used Ferosafe in their latest product development. The problem of bike and motorcycle theft by cutting locks with angle grinders has intensified in the last couple of years with the advancement of battery technology for portable tools. Hiplok has solved this problem with their latest revolutionary bike lock called D1000. By using Ferosafe it can withstand an extensive attack whilst still being light enough to be carried like a normal lock. The product has been very well received and had great reviews with many using multiple methods to try and break the lock, to no avail, you can read the industry reviews here.

When asked about why they chose to use Ferosafe in their latest product, Hiplok has this to say:

“As soon as we witnessed first-hand the unrivalled anti cut properties of Tenmat’s Ferosafe material, we immediately saw its potential application in preventing bike theft. We are excited to launch the world’s first portable anti-angle grinder bike lock, the Hiplok D1000, which incorporates Ferosafe at the heart of its uniquely strong, patent pending design.”

John Abrahams, Hiplok co-founder and Product Director

You can learn more about the Hiplok D1000 here


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