Tenmat launch full range of Ultra-Low smoke intumescent fire stopping materials


Smoke kills more people than fire. Intumescent products provide fire and smoke seals for many life safety applications, the irony has been that many intumescent materials are rubber based and produce large amounts of smoke emission in a fire, this is dangerous to both occupants and fire fighters and is simply wrong.

Tenmat materials are mineral fibre based with a very low organic content which produces almost no smoke. This is particularly important for manufacturers who wish to supply complete systems with “low smoke” credentials such as fire doors and external cladding systems. Low smoke is already part of many countries local regulations for building materials and is receiving increasing pressure from legislators and particularly firefighting organisations Worldwide. To both reduce the smoke emissions of your products/systems and future proof against new regulation call Tenmat.

Comparison of smoke emissions Tenmat FF102 and FF107 intumescent compared to a standard rubber based intumescent:

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