Tenmat bearings and wear parts for passenger rail meet the highest EU fire protection standards EN45545-2.


In the event of a train fire, low smoke density can be of vital importance and allows people to quickly and safely escape the train. The new European standard EN 45545-2 defines tighter requirements for the fire resistance of materials and components. Therefore, in order to achieve the highest possible level of safety in trains the materials and components must be tested to meet strict fire protection requirements. There a three level hazard scale (HL1 to HL3). HL3 is the highest level and is therefore involves the most demanding prerequisites for the materials involved.

Tenmat bearings and wear parts meet the highest fire protection standards for passenger rail.

Tenmat offers EN44545 fire approved bearings and wear parts to meet the new legislation regarding passenger railway fire protection. Our components obtained the highest hazard level rating – HL3 – meeting the strictest fire protection demands.

Tenmat passenger rail products have been specified onto live projects such as Cross Rail UK, Sydney SGT and many others worldwide!

Versatile materials for the most demanding applications

TENMAT advanced composite materials are extremely versatile and suitable for the most demanding applications in passenger rail, such as gangway tread plates, coupler bushes, centre pivot liners, side plates, anti-roll bar bushes and many more.

Tailor-made solutions to the exact customer requirements

Each TENMAT solution is bespoke manufactured to the exact requirements of the customer, application and infrastructure network they keep on track. We offer a full design service, and every project has tailor-made TENMAT components fit for purpose.

Passenger and Light Rail applications

For wear applications in metros, trams and other light rail, TENMAT supplies, centre pivot liners, king pin bushes, side plates, brake bushes, anti-roll bar bushes, pantograph bushes, and sliding door opening system channels. Examples of our design expertise are seen on CAF and CRRC new vehicle projects, Bombardier Trams in Cologne, and Metro systems in London, Paris and Milan.

Feroform F21 – advanced wear resistant material for passenger rail applications.

FEROFORM F21 is a composite material made from woven fibre bonded with resin with a friction modifier. FEROFORM F21 has strength, durability, dimensional stability, low friction, and excellent wear characteristics. It is particularly useful in the dirty and dusty environment of railways.

  • Specified to the new European fire safety standard EN45545
  • Excellent wear characteristics
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Durability
  • Dimensional stability

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