Ferobide – A good choice for sugar cane harvesters

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Engaged Services NQ who is Tenmat Ltd’s distributor for Ferobide in Queensland, Australia, has helped farmers to increase uptime and reduce wear by applying Ferobide to sugar cane harvesters.

The work has been ongoing for a few seasons, starting small and growing based on good results, and has ended up with a new Case IH sugar cane harvester being fitted with Ferobide on base shoes, basecutter discs and crop divider points resulting in overall reduced maintenance requirements and cost savings on these parts.

Photo of Ferobide fitted to basecutter discs

Shoes at start of season and at end of season. Spacing between tiles started at 100mm, but after seeing the steel wearing in between tiles additional tiles were welded with a spacing of 15-20mm during the season. Ferobide has prevented uneven wear of the shoes and will likely last several seasons with little to no maintenance required.

Hardfaced crop divider point on the left. The life of these is normally 1-2 weeks. The steel point on the right was fitted with Ferobide, highlighted in yellow in the right hand photo.
Photo of Tenmat Ferobide point after 4 weeksFerobide point after 4 weeks. Ferobide has provided an increase in life of 2-4 times over hardfacing.
For more information, please contact the Ferobide team at ferobide[at]tenmat[dot]com or visit our distributor’s website www.engagedservicesnq.com.au.

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