The Tenmat Ceiling Fan Firestop has been developed to provide fire protection for penetrations made in floor/ceiling systems for 100mm and 125mm ceiling fans.

In a fire situation, the intumescent lining in the product expands to seal off the opening in the ceiling and creates an effective fire barrier and therefore reinstate the fire rating of the ceiling.

Recessed ceiling fans are widely used in both domestic and commercial buildings. Once a hole is made in the ceiling for a fan, the integrity of the construction and its ability to perform in a fire is reduced significantly.
The penetration must be fire stopped in order to reinstate the original fire rating of the ceiling/floor construction as required within Building Regulations.

The Ceiling Fan Firestop incorporates a steel mounting ring with integral intumescent lining and duct connector which is fixed into the ceiling lining and allows the ceiling fan to be
installed as normal.

Please check with Tenmat for compatibility with different Ceiling Fan Types.

  • Fire Protection solution for 100mm & 125mm Ceiling Fans
  • Full Scale Fire Tested to BS EN 1365-2 on a loaded floor
  • 30 minute fire rating
  • Test evidence for use in Solid Timber, Metal Web Joist and Engineered I-Beam Floor/Ceiling Systems

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