Ferosafe – Tenmat’s Next-Generation Material for Physical Security

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Ferosafe is an uncuttable, next-generation physical security material. Its applications are found where there is a requirement for extreme cutting resistance with low weight and thickness, such as in bike locks, van security, lock cylinders and much more.

What is Ferosafe?

Ferosafe, a physical security material manufactured by Tenmat, is a next-generation, cut and drill resistant material that is used to defend security products from physical threats or attacks.

Developed from the Ferobide material platform, which has more than proven itself in arduous wear applications, Ferosafe has increased resistance to both cutting and drilling, which makes it the ideal material choice for increasing safety performance.

Due to the high performance of Ferosafe, it can be used effectively at very low thicknesses, as little as 3mm, without compromising on security. This means, that when compared to comparable security materials, Ferosafe is a much lighter alternative and will not significantly alter the overall dimensions of the item it is used on.

Ferosafe is also weldable, but don’t worry, despite its unique performance, it can be welded using standard welding equipment and methods, so there is no need to go out and buy specialist welding equipment. This ensures that Ferosafe is a highly versatile material, which offers users a high degree of design and fabrication flexibility, the option to securely fasten it without specialist training, while also being a cost-effective manufacturing option.

Ferosafe Applications:

With Angle grinder crime now a real issue, brazen thieves are openly using angle grinders and other portable, battery-powered power tools to cut locks in busy public areas, in broad daylight.

Thankfully, the advanced and uncuttable Ferosafe material is highly versatile, meaning it can be used to great effect in any number of applications where enhanced physical security is a requirement, stopping thieves in their tracks.

These applications include:

  • ATMs
  • Lock cylinders & Lock Boxes
  • Safes
  • HGV and Van Locks
  • Tool storage
  • Storage boxes
  • Deadbolts
  • Armoured vehicles
  • Safe rooms
  • Security doors

Ferosafe Testimonials:

You don’t just need to take our word for it, a number of companies across the security industry have already seen the benefits of implementing Ferosafe into their products.

Hiplok, a leading manufacturer of innovative, high performance bike locks, that prides itself on working closely with experts in the physical security field, had this to say:

“As soon as we witnessed first-hand the unrivalled anti-cut properties of Tenmat’s Ferosafe material, we immediately saw its potential application in preventing bike theft. We are excited to launch the world’s first portable anti-angle grinder bike lock, the Hiplok D1000, which incorporates Ferosafe at the heart of its uniquely strong, patent-pending design.”

John Abrahams, Hiplok co-founder and Product Director

Italy’s leading aftermarket van lock and semi-trailer lock manufacturer for high-value cargo, Block Shaft, were looking for a way to increase the performance of its high security locks. By collaborating with Tenmat, and incorporating Ferosafe into their Gatelock V L Locks, they were able to create a van lock that was able to effectively prevent angle grinders or carbide tipped drills, from cutting through the locks.


“We have found Ferosafe to provide excellent anti-cutting performance at a competitive price.”

Mr Messa, Block Shaft Technical Director

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Find out more about Ferosafe Here

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