Case Study: Ferobide wear protection for subsoilers / rippers

Customer Profile
Poskitts Carrots, one of the leading producers of carrots in the UK, producing 50,000 tonnes of carrots each year, as well as producing parsnips, potatoes and arable crops.

The company faces extensive wear on the legs of their subsoilers, also known as rippers in North America. In a normal season the legs would be refurbished three times.

Technical Challenge
Increase the life of the legs with a weldable material suitable for repair on the farm.

Solution Used
Ferobide weldable wear tiles.

Positive Result
Since welding Ferobide to the legs they have not needed to do any refurbishment work, and the Ferobide is currently on its third year running. This has meant significant savings on wearing metal cost and maintenance time.

“Ferobide was applied to the legs three years ago and is still as good as the day it was fitted.” Peter Cookson, MH Poskitts.

Download case study – Ferobide on subsoiler legs