Weld Tungsten Carbide

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Ferobide: long-life wear protection material now enabling the farmer to weld tungsten carbide

See Ferobide, the innovative wear protection material which allows the farmer to weld tungsten carbide directly onto any steel soil-engaging-point, at stand 5121 during the National Farm Machinery Show 2016 in Louisville from 10/2/16 to 13/2/16.

On the back of the sustained interest which Ferobide has enjoyed in January 2016 through exhibiting at LAMMA 2016, the UK’s largest agricultural machinery show, Tenmat is proud to announce that it will be exhibiting at one of America’s leading machinery exhibitions during the National Farm Machinery Show.

By joining over 850 fellow exhibitors, Tenmat is making the most of this exciting opportunity to demonstrate first-hand how Ferobide combines the high abrasion resistance of pure tungsten carbide with the resilience and versatility of steel. Ferobide has become the proven solution for wear protection in challenging agricultural applications by completing thousands of test hours and even more test hectares across the globe.

It is with this worldwide success in mind that Tenmat has identified the National Farm Machinery Show 2016 as the best prospect to demonstrate the Ferobide advantages to US farmers. You will find us at stand 5121 where you can discover the advantages of FEROBIDE, the weldable tungsten carbide wear protection with superior resistance to impact and abrasion. The show will be a good chance for Tenmat to show off Ferobide and its main benefits, on of which being its easy installation. By choosing Ferobide, very farmer is now be able to weld tungsten carbide directly!

Reduce Costs: Choose to install impact-resistant Ferobide and weld tungsten carbide directly onto your points

Alongside the 5 years of development at Tenmat’s Technical R&D Department, Ferobide’s enviable reputation as the longer-lasting wear protection material continues to grow. On-farm costs are reduced by avoiding costly down-time when choosing to protect a soil-engaging-point with easy-install Ferobide.

Ferobide is a tungsten carbide material resistant to impact chipping and abrasion, and it greatly reduces farm downtime as any farmer can now weld tungsten carbide themselves onto soil-engaging-points. Moreover, Ferobide is easy to cut, meaning a single tile can be customised to fit any point geometry. Visit Tenmat at stand 5121 during the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville from 10th to 13th February to see how Ferobide boosts farm productivity by keeping control over wear protection in the hands of the farmer.