Ferosafe used to increase security performance for Block Shaft

Block Shaft, Italy’s leading manufacturer of aftermarket locks for vans and semi-trailers, has collaborated with Tenmat and the product Ferosafe to increase the security performance in their high security Gatelock Van L locks.

When transporting high value goods in semi-trailers such as pharmaceuticals and refrigerated products the threat situation is elevated and the need for higher performing locks to prevent access to the cargo is required. By incorporating Ferosafe, Block Shaft effectively prevents angle grinders from cutting the lock open, keeping the high value cargo safe.

Ferosafe is very efficient at stopping carbide tipped drills and angle grinders at thicknesses as low as 2mm which, together with being weldable, it makes the material easy to integrate in a wide range of applications.

We have found Ferosafe to provide excellent anti-cutting performance at a competitive price.

Mr. Messa, Technical Director