Feroglide bearings are best-in-class fully self-lubricating components, comprising a reinforced PTFE-composite contact bearing surface on a strong metal substrate. Feroglide operates with little to no lubrication, from -196 °C to +300 °C, and with extreme speed oscillating, reciprocating, rotating, or sliding movements.

Feroglide has years of proven experience installed as the cradle bearing for variable displacement piston pumps, one of the most challenging applications possible for a plain bearing.

Feroglide carries higher loads than other bearings, up to 60,000 PSI stationary load. Feroglide avoids downtime thanks to its longer service life and quicker installation. Feroglide offers excellent resistance to bearing fatigue, chemical attack, and cavitation. The reinforced Feroglide liner does not suffer plastic deformation or creep.

Feroglide is self-lubricating, which ensures better pump efficiency. Feroglide gives high performance without taking away process fluid for
bearing lubrication. This means all hydraulic fluid is used to give maximum output boom movement.

Increasingly, it has been seen that high-end applications require better high-speed control over displacement with fastest swashplate reaction times. This gives operators excellent movement control over machinery. Low-friction Feroglide bearings contributes directly to this, by avoiding
any stick-slip in the swashplate. Feroglide offers a low, constant coefficient of friction with no resistance. Thus, when using Feroglide cradle bearings, the swashplate moves freely and this promises constantly smooth machinery movement.

Other bearing options can result in resistance to movement which detracts from machinery movement ability. A further benefit of Feroglide is the reduction in cost to manufacture, repair, and operate variable displacement axial piston pumps. Tenmat designs bespoke fitment and bearing installation designs, giving quicker bearing installation to save both time and money. The same is true for repair jobs using easy-install Feroglide parts.

For these reasons, world leading manufacturers already specify Ferobide cradle bearings in medium-pressure and high-pressure units. Significant improvement in pump performance is achieved when using Feroglide parts.

Availability: To suit pipe sizes 15-169mm (PVC, HDPE, Copper, Steel)

  • Feroglide enables high-speed control of machinery with a hysteresis reaction quicker than <0.1 second
  • Feroglide enables smoother movement by avoiding stick-slip thanks to its constant low friction
  • Self-lubricating Feroglide parts are proven to improve pump efficiency, ensuring all hydraulic fluid is used for movement
  • Costs are reduced through the longer lifetime and quicker installation of Feroglide parts
  • Feroglide offers market-leading load bearing capacity and shock load resistance
  • Feroglide parts enable a lightweight, low-noise, smaller pump design


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