FF109-125 - TENMAT

The FF109/125 Ventilated Fire Barrier is a cavity fire barrier system for ventilated cavities of up to 125mm which is a fully intumescent component. The product is fire rated for up to 30 minutes and is suitable for use within timber and masonry construction types, enabling the versatile system to be specified with confidence and provide the installer with a simple, time saving and site friendly solution.

The FF109/125 Ventilated Fire Barrier is a fully intumescent ‘Open State’ Cavity Fire Barriers encased in red polythene. The FF109/125 can be mechanically fixed both horizontally and vertically within ventilated cavities behind rainscreen or cladding systems to act as a cavity fire barrier.

Ventilated Fire Barriers
Additional Info

  • Tested for up to 30 minutes
  • Continuous Free Air Space up to 125mm
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Satisfies Building Regulations
  • Fire & Age Tested

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Fire Testing Approvals

Up to 30 minutes fire tested to standards including: BS476: Parts 20 and 22, EN1363-1: 1999, EOTA TR31 and assessed to TGD19 ‘open state cavity barriers’ to ASFP standards for ventilated facades.
Tested in combustible and non-combustible cavity constructions
Test No.’s: Chilt / A10030
Chilt / IF04065, Chilt / IF06005
Chilt / IF06013, Chilt / IF06040
Chilt / IF08038, Chilt / IF08052
Chilt / IF09011, Chilt / IF09032
Chilt / IF09093, Chilt / A06037
BRE 243-405

FF109/125 – To suit up to 125mm cavities (max. 30 min. fire rating)

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