UK firm Tenmat launches breakthrough agricultural wear-protection material

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FEROBIDE: Weldable, Impact Resistant Tungsten Passing Tests with Flying Colours.
Manchester, Mon. 9th Nov – TENMAT, leading UK manufacturer of high performance composite materials and engineering components, has underlined its market-leading quality with the introduction of FEROBIDE: the new heavy duty tungsten material to protect against wear and reduce downtime.

FEROBIDE combines the unsurpassed wear resistant characteristics of Tungsten Carbide with user-friendly resilient steel. The final product is weldable, long-lasting and capable of withstanding high velocity impacts.

FEROBIDE can be welded onto any position of a standard steel soil-engaging-tool to offer full wear protection where other traditional materials fail. These parts can be attached using common welding techniques. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive brazing operations. Furthermore, welding FEROBIDE eliminates the possibility of weak joints arising from traditional brazing practices.

Available in 3 standard widths, mechanically superior FEROBIDE tiles offer unrivalled resistance to chipping, significant resistance to abrasion, and a fixing method which yields a much stronger bond strength. This increases operational lifetime, reduces downtime, and increases cultivation efficiencies.

Whilst FEROBIDE is extremely tough and hard, it can be easily cut and welded on-farm with standard tools. FEROBIDE can be welded right out of the box onto steel points, and it is totally customisable by end-users to fit many complex shapes.

Often, the sides of soil-engaging-points are left unprotected because traditional wear protection cannot be faced onto the side of a point. In contrast to this, FEROBIDE can be welded into place anywhere on a point, and has thus seen great success over thousands of acres of testing in challenging soil types.

Farmers and those working challenging soils can protect vulnerable positions on their soil-engaging-tools exactly where they need it when using weldable FEROBIDE wear protection tiles.

Furthermore, FEROBIDE’s superior resistance to wear means that agricultural tools are now more streamlined, and that steel points can have a much smaller profile when being pulled through soils.

These two considerations together mean that end-users need less fuel to work their fields, whilst also yielding better turning, tilling, drilling or ploughing of the soil afterwards.

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