TENMAT’s Safety Critical Composites for Y-series bogies specified by the UIC norms.


Safety Critical Composites for Y-Series Bogies


RAILKO Centre Pivot Liners(CPL) are used within the centre bolster of the freight bogie to help negotiate the car body and bogie around curves in the tracks. RAILKO Side Bearer Liners (SBL) are used within the freight bogie to act as stability support to the car body on turning.

The load and movement of car body is supported fully by Railko CPL and SBL and ensures the safety and reliably of the freight wagon in service. The rail industry is made safer by using RAILKO NF21 material — a fibre reinforced composite that is the only material to be fully specified for heavy haulage and standard freight rail by the UIC as well as all major railway authorities.


Using plastic wear parts (not specified by the UIC norms) in the Y-series bogies may result with:

  • Bad torque
  • Lateral forces increase due to bad torque
  • Low pressure on the wheels due to high lateral forces
  • Increased material wear
  • Derailments

TENMAT is your one-stop supplier for all safety critical composite wear parts in Y-series bogies.

TENMAT’s proprietary RAILKO NF grades are the industry standard for centre pivot liners (CPL), side bearer liners (SBL), brake gear bushes, hook guiding plates and many other components in safety critical wear applications on freight wagons.

TENMAT RAILKO NF21 is the only material approved in all types of freight wagons including coal hopper wagons, oil tankers, salt/silt/aggregate wagons, heavy duty wagons, as well as dangerous chemical tankers and specified by all leading rail authorities, private wagon owners and bogie/wagon/train manufacturers.

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