Time is Money, especially when it comes to time spent on a repair dock. Regardless if it is a tanker, container ship, cruise ship or other vessel, time spent not on sea means a substantial loss for any ship owner or operator. TENMAT understands the urgency of the situation and responds quickly to any inquiries and delivers spare parts, such as stern tube, propeller shaft, rudder bearings, and other vital parts to shipyards worldwide in no time. In the specific case of a luxury yacht undergoing maintenance repair, each week on the dry dock meant a loss of revenue of over $200,000 in addition to the costs of the repair.

The 40m (131’) Sunseeker motor yacht was undergoing regular maintenance and the decision was made to also replace the stern tube bearings with TENMAT FEROFORM T14 material. FEROFORM T14 offers low wear and friction rates and is approved by over 30 Navies worldwide. When TENMAT got the call, we were able to supply the four 140mm (5.5”) diameter bearings overnight to the ship yard in Savanna, GA (USA) and get the ship back in the water with minimum downtime.

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