Tenmat manufactures 100% non-asbestos insulation materials, and offers a full arc chute refurbishment service to make arc chutes safe.


For operators who want full peace of mind by fully eliminating exposure risk to asbestos fibres, Tenmat provides 25+ years of experience in full arc chute refurbishment, covering acceptance of properly wrapped chutes and safe disposal of material, to replacement with 100% non-hazardous materials and final chute reassembly.

Current UK legislation requires owners of asbestos containing chutes to:

  1. 1.Have a register of where asbestos is located.
  2. Draw up a management plan for said asbestos
  3. If the Arc Chutes are still in service, they must be in good condition.
  4. If maintenance is to be undertaken on the chutes themselves, or on other machinery in their vicinity, strict asbestos combat and arrestment measures must be put in place to protect workers.
  5. Ensure all relevant workers are trained for asbestos risk management
  6. If the Arc Chutes are ever removed from site, they must have the asbestos removed and properly disposed of.

One option is to leave such chutes well alone, keeping a record and managing in a reactive fashion.

For full peace of mind, the other option is proper arc chute refurbishment. This completely eliminates all risk of asbestos exposure from arc chutes.

Tenmat provides a full arc chute refurbishment service.

Tenmat is the only company to knowledge which can offer the following to European customers, all in one complete service:

  1. has the facilities to and is happy to accept (properly double-wrapped and labelled white chrysotile) asbestos-containing-materials,
  2. has certified asbestos disposal processes, and safe chute dismantling & reassembly, 3] can supply fully audited paperwork to prove disposal of asbestos and its replacement with the 100 non-hazardous Arclex/High Temperature Cemen Boards/Refraver materials,
  3. can draught full CAD drawings of original asbestos parts, and drawings of entire assemblies for where no drawing exists,
  4. owns the Arclex/High Temperature Cement Boards/Refraver material and all of its manufacturing IP,
  5. has full drawings of arc chutes from all major brands (we do a lot of the drawings ourselves from disassembled arc chutes),
  6. has 25+ years’ experience in the refurbishment of asbestos-containing arc chutes.

High Performance, 100% non-hazardous materials from Tenmat

TENMAT ARCLEX, High Temperature Cement Boards and REFRAVER materials are the leading non-asbestos materials on the market today. Our materials withstand extreme electrical and thermal environments, and are specified worldwide on equipment from Reyrolle, GE, English Electric. Hawker Siddeley, Whipp & Bourne, Holec, Lucy & Co., and many more.

ARCLEX was specially designed with and for Reyrolle as the leading asbestos replacement, today fully approved for many arc-containment applications.

REFRAVER is the material trusted by leading rail authorities, being approved to the distinguished SNCF St. 273 cat. 2 level. REFRAVER excels around the world in Railway Switchgear applications due to its unique combination of high strength and superb electrical and thermal insulation properties.

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