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Primary aluminium smelting is an extremely energy intensive business. In this highly competitive industry, increasing the efficiency of the manufacturing process is key to being able to stay ahead of the competition. It is therefore essential that a primary aluminium smelter is able to continue its operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, without any issues arising. It is the need for efficiency that makes it of high priority for primary aluminium producers source the best quality insulation materials available on the market, to ensure that any risk is mitigated during the production process.

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TENMAT High Temperature Materials have provided primary aluminium smelters around the world with unrivalled performance for decades. Trusted by the world’s leading aluminium producers, TENMAT’s range of high performance Firefly, High Temperature Cement Boards, Refraver & Nitrasil materials have provided industry leading thermal and electrical insulation solutions to potrooms worldwide.

TENMAT High Temperature materials have typically found application as:
• insulation linings and boards in crucibles
• syphon tube gaskets
• superstructure insulators
• crust breaker insulators
• thermocouple sheaths
• busbar insulators

TENMAT’s exceptional manufacturing capabilities offer solutions to customers, who require even the most complex and unique components to be produced.

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