Tenmat have developed the next generation in physical security, the Ferosafe Container Lock Box


Using Ferosafe Anti-cutting Technology, Tenmat have produced one of the most secure container lock boxes in the world, which provides a high level of resistance against angle grinders and carbide drills during theft attempts.

In tests, the Ferosafe Lock Box has shown to resist more than 10 grinding discs and more than a full battery worth of angle grinder attack without exposing the padlock, making it the only angle grinder safe container lock boxes available.

Tenmat’s lock box is fitted like a conventional lock box and is designed to withstand long term exposure to the elements with its powder-coated galvanised steel construction keeping the padlock fully enclosed, only accessible from underneath. It can also be welded to the container for additional security.

Head over to our website to find out more and to see a comparison video of the Ferosafe lockbox compared to a comparable lock box during an angle grinder attack , or speak to one of our team directly 

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