TENMAT Completes Stage 1 of its Improvement Works: Product Development Innovation Centre


TENMAT’s priority is to constantly surpass expectations and fulfill the challenging applications of our customers. TENMAT prepares for the future by applying our unrivaled development and manufacturing expertise in new and exciting growth areas. TENMAT is again proving its dedication to product development through a large campaign of focused investment into high specification machining infrastructure and capability.

Providing the Solution through Product Development

TENMAT has earned its enviable reputation as the leading global supplier of high-performance engineering components by inventing, developing, and supplying innovative solutions for the diverse industrial challenges around the world. Placing product development first has always been, and remains core to the firm’s continuing success. This is mirrored in the exacting quality standards and unparalleled manufacturing expertise displayed at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Tenmat is depended upon by leading OEMs around because its wide range of niche engineering components always perform as required in critical applications. Tenmat owes this success to the fact it manufactures market-leading products which outperform standard solutions on account of their superior mechanical, thermal, and stability properties. This directly reflects the value TENMAT places in product development and manufacturing excellence.

TENMAT Product Development Innovation Centre

TENMAT Continues to Innovate by Prioritising Product Development

Our unrivalled innovation and technical expertise has consistently led to the development of various industry standard products. However, not resting there, TENMAT continues to build on this impressive foundation by constantly improving our manufacturing and product development capabilities. Most recently, this has been seen in the refitting of our field-leading technical R&D facilities. TENMAT’s Product Development Laboratories have always been central to our ability to continually innovate, and in with our new Product Development Innovation Centre we boast a diverse range of high-performance, high-spec testing equipment:

Brand new Instron universal mechanical tester
Development of robust engineering material grades with excellent impact strength, tensile strength, and compressive strength.
Friction testing equipment
This ensures our bearings are fit for purpose when installed in critical applications such as submarine stern tube bearings. It is here that our silent bearings yield stealth operation for 35 navies worldwide.
Scar wear testing rigs
These enable TENMAT to develop robust bearing materials which significantly increase part lifetime in dusty, arduous environments. Thus TENMAT composite bearing materials are widely specified for heavy duty applications in difficult conditions where maintenance must be avoided.
Water swell testing tanks
This is how TENMAT develops composite bearing grades which distinguish themselves through their famous dimensional stability when submerged, vital in applications such as commercial marine steering gear or submersible pumps.
High temperature furnaces are used in the development of Tenmat’s Award Winning Passive Fire Protection
TENMAT creates intumescent products which saves lives every day, from the London 2012 Olympic village to thousands of homes worldwide.

Expansion testing rigs

Hardness rigs

TENTMAT Instron Universal Mechanical Tester
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