SternLast: Easy to install work boat and yacht cutless bearing with superior longevity.


SternLast is an advanced composite material, specifically designed for small marine bearing applications – cutless bearings for yachts, sail boats, tug boats, work boats, fishing vessels, barges, pontoons and patrol boats. SternLast is a fibre reinforced bearing material, proven to work in the most demanding environments – from muddy rivers to the open sea and even sediment rich (sand, grit, debris etc.) coastal waters. Its longevity and performance stays unaffected, making it the ideal product for propeller shaft bearings in work boats and yachts alike.

Easy Installation and Replacement – Save Time

Replacing a shaft bearing in a corroded brass shell can be difficult and a very time consuming task. SternLast solves this problem – as it is manufactured from a composite material, making it durable enough so it does not require an external brass shell. This allows easy fitting and easy replacements when the time comes. Click below to learn more about the easy installation.

Smart Investment – Save Money

SternLast is a fit-and-forget advanced composite bearing designed to exceed the lifetime of a standard rubber bearing. SternLast has the same initial investment cost as the old fashioned rubber bearing, but offers a much better lifetime. Rubber does not only wear quicker, but also gets harder and stiffer as time passes, regardless of the number of hours in service. SternLast provides excellent stability throughout the entire service.  It means that you are not only getting a maximum value from your investment, it means you can also enjoy your boat and keep it in service, without worrying about the maintenance in the long term future.

Superior Durability In Sand Laden Waters

In sandy environments such as coastal waters, harbours and rivers, standard rubber bearings can be embedded with sediments, sand etc.  These sediments then tear through the rubber material, resulting in instant bearing failure, which can effectively damage the entire shaft line.
SternLast excels in difficult waters and outperforms the old fashioned rubber bearings. SternLast is made of the new generation composite material and stays unaffected by any chemical or physical contaminants found in open waters, protecting the shaft line at all times.

Over 70 Sizes Available

Available in over 70 standard sizes off the shelf, with other sizes available upon request.


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