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Building on our strong 2016 performance in the region, Tenmat will be exhibiting at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show 2016 on stand AB-73

After a busy first half to 2016 supplying superior Ferobide wear protection to large farms and blue-chip OEMs across the globe, in September Tenmat will be turning its attention to the Outdoor Farm Show 2016 located in the heart of Canada’s arable region. We will be on stand 73 in the Ag-Biz Pavilion during Canada’s leading agricultural show in Woodstock, Ontario from 13th – 15th September 2016. We welcome your visit to our stand (AB-73), where we are proud to be showing off the undeniable farmer benefits of Ferobide.

Ferobide is the weld-on tungsten carbide wear protection tile which improves farm yields by fully protecting cultivation equipment from wear. Ferobide adds value by allowing end-users to work harder and for longer between maintenance periods, and by being welded on in minutes. Photo with alt tag: See the Ferobide benefits at the Outdoor Farm Show 2016 in Woodstock.

Visit our stand AB-73 during the Outdoor Farm Show 2016 to see just how the Ferobide Advantage brings improvements to your farm yields

Ferobide is the premier solution for providing unbeatable wear protection to agricultural machinery across the full range of soil types, from heavy impact stony soils to highly abrasive sands. Only Ferobide offers high resistance to all types of wear in one tile, and as such is trusted worldwide by farmers, dealers and OEMs alike. By installing Ferobide, users see significant increases in farm uptime. Moreover, Ferobide greatly reduces maintenance requirements and as such means machinery spends its time working fields rather than being idle for lengthy maintenance.

Not only the superior wear resistance properties set Ferobide apart, but also its speedy installation via welding. By putting the control over wear protection in the hands of the farmer, Tenmat continues to offer the leading wear protection considered the first choice in ease-of-use as well as technical benefits. The Ferobide Advantage is further highlighted by the fact that Ferobide ensures the correct cultivation depth for much longer, thus improving yields. It is the topic of improving yields which will undoubtedly feature centre-stage at the Outdoor Farm Show 2016.

Come to stand AB-73 during the Outdoor Farm Show 2016 to see first-hand how Ferobide will benefit you

Due to the large area footprint of the typical farm in Canada, nearly 1,000 acres on average, exhibiting at the Outdoor Farm Show 2016 allows Tenmat to be in direct contact with the farmers who benefit most from a weld-on, versatile, impact resistant tungsten wear protection.

We look forward to your visit during Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in the Ag-Biz Pavilion, and trust you will find Ferobide as beneficial as countless farmers already.

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