Case Study: Ferobide wear protection for Asphalt Planing Skids


Customer Profile
Markon Ltd is a leading UK contractor whose area of expertise includes the provision of Road Planing Services.

The company uses Wirtgen Cold Milling Planer machines. They previously relied on AR400 steel and crushed carbides to protect the skids, which come into contact with the pavement surface. The steel parts lasted around 6-8 weeks before needing to be replaced due to excessive wear. The crushed carbides lasted approximately 3-4 months.

Technical Challenge
Increase the life of the planer skids with a weldable material suitable for on-site repair.

Solution Used
Ferobide weldable wear tiles.

Positive Result
The overall wear life of the Ferobide was 50 weeks, which was over 7 times greater than the AR400 steel and around 3.5 times greater than the crushed carbides solution.

Using Ferobide has definitely showed a big improvement on life compared to the steel and crushed carbides used previously and has certainly surpassed expectations” Scott Darling, Road Planing Director, Markon Ltd.

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